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Friday, December 23, 2005

Last week I had to spend a few days (and nights) at KLCC. It was not my choice. It was the KL Children's Choir first performance with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and Mimi was involved. So in between rehearsals and performances, I had to stay close to the venue, Dewan Filharmonik Petronas in KLCC.
The first few days I had a few classmates for company. One uses Dome Cafe as his office. What a pleasant place to conduct business. On Sunday, I had Atraco and another friend for company. Atraco and I were trying fix a lunch date for several months now and when he phoned me Sunday morning we agreed to meet in KLCC. Since we were not very hungry yet, we had coffee and did the requisite tawaf of Suria KLCC. Atraco noticed the unusually large crowd at KLCC. I think the crowd there is always large. School holidays or not, the crowd is always sizeable.
KLCC does not need any feng shui to draw the crowds. Apart from the Twin Towers as the main attraction, the shops seem to have everything. I even found nasi dagang Kelantan (with kerutuk) in one of the food courts. Of course pc kaki will not come to KLCC to look for blank DVDs or DDR memory chips - they will go to Low Yatt Plaza, Imbi or even IT World Mega Mall. But how many malls do you know that have the LRT station right under it? For God-fearing Muslims there is a clean surau and there is a modern mosque at the end of the park. One my most memorable sights in KLCC was of a small boy trying very hard to learn how to take wudhu' from his bigger brother.
Atraco and I were trying to find out what was the cheapest filling food in KLCC. We agreed that it had to be 2 orders of Rotiboy. Of course we are ready to stand corrected. So, the minimum amount of money one should have on one's person when going to KLCC is 10 ringgit. This is on condition that you do not use the 2 ringgit toilet.
While the Twin Towers are the main attraction for some of the people who comes to KLCC, I amused myself by watching people. It is an interesting thing to do while killing time. You look at the people of various shapes and sizes and begun to conjecture on where they are from, what they do etc.etc. I wish I was brave enough to snap a few pictures. I took an upside down picture of the Twin Towers instead.
I got to spend a lot of time at Dome for a few days that one of the waiters jokingly asked me if I ever went home the day before.
Actually he was right. I didn't go home. One of his captains got me a good rate a hotel nearby.