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Monday, November 28, 2005
Beginning Friday, I had a hectic weekend and as usual could not think of any mind-stirring, thought-provoking insightful things to blog about - not that I ever do anyway. So I shall bore you with what I did the last few days.
On Thursday, I got a brand new digital SLR as a belated birthday present from Number One daughter. TV Smith helped to get a good price for it and Farris was the bodyguard. We got the SLR on Thursday and by Saturday I was comfortable enough to take it to Kuala Kubu Baru for the wedding kenduri of Zainal Osman's daughter. Zainal Osman is a good film cameraman and also a very good singer. He sang like Tom Jones. Apart from RTM pensioners like me, Zainal has many friends in the entertainment world so I saw a few local luminaries at his kenduri.
Before I could rest from the slow trip back from Kuala Kubu Baru, I had to meet up with 3 classmates from Terengganu who came for Ir. Usop Hj. Ibrahim's sambut menantu reception on Sunday. I took them to dinner and later burned them some DVD which they requested. Unlike previous reunions, we didn't dwell much on old times. Old as we are, I guessed we were just thankful and happy that we are still alive although a few of us had many teeth and lots of hair missing.
The happy pa-in-law (in baju Melayu) posing with Terengganu classmates at his reception on Sunday 27th. November.

Popular actor Rosyam Noor obliging his fans at Zainal Osman's kenduri.

Zainal Osman's new son-in-law coming to claim his bride.

As evident from the above snapshots, I still have to spend more weekends learning about metering and composition. I have to admit though that these are an improvement over those pics taken with the PDA. Alhamdullillah.