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Wednesday, November 16, 2005
In less than two weeks from today, the Swedish Match Tour will come to Kuala Terengganu. It will be the first yacht event that the town will see. It will also be the first international event held during the monsoon.
People in the tourist industry has been trying to correct the misconception that Terengganu during the monsoon is full of gloomy, windy and soggy days. One hotel even offered to to refund its customer the room price if it rained continously for 12 hours. The hotel has not paid anyone yet.
Monsoon days in Terengganu are not that bad. We might have heavy rain "until you can't open your eyes" and roads might get flooded. When the streets in town got flooded, the townsfolk used to go out in their best clothes and walked the length and breadth of the road from Kedai Payang to Padang Maziah. Do not ask me why, I still do not know. I guess for the boys, this would be the time to see some pretty legs.
The yachtsmen will not be able to come to the new airport this year because it is not ready yet. I saw land being cleared and I heard that contracts have been awarded. Finally, Kuala Terengganu will have an airport with aerobridges. At Kuala Terengganu airport during the monsoon rain, the chances of getting on the plane sopping wet are very great. The new airport will make this a thing of the past, I hope.
I also hope that the airport authorities will look hard at the airport canteen/cafeteria. Do not let the place be just a kedai kopi just like any other in Rhu Renggeh or Telaga Papan. Terengganu has special fare. Serve them. It is not difficult to sell nasi dagang for breakfast, nasi minyak for dinner, Terengganu kuihs for tea and laksam, laksa etc for in between snacks.
I could get Sabah prawns at KK airport and yam ice cream at Manila airport. I am not sure if gambir is available at Kuching airport. It would be nice if people can get kerepok lekor right at Kuala Terengganu airport itself to bring home.
The brains of Terengganu thought in the right direction when they came up with the yacht race. Now, think of things to make the visitors come back to Terengganu often.