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Friday, October 21, 2005
Many people seem to be excited about "Desperate Housewives". Some even missed terawikh (extra Ramadhan prayers) just to catch it. I would suggest these people get a Torrent client like Azureus, BitTorrent, BitComet etc. so that you can download the episodes that you missed because you were doing the terawikh. The latest issue of CHIP gave away a CD full of these programs. CHIP can give me some duit raya for plugging the magazine.

I tried Azureus a while back but gave up for some reasons or the other. Impatience being one of them, I think. Hey, I am old and I do not have much time left. I salute Farris and Sham for having the patience to wait for their Naruto anime files to finish downloading. I only reinstall Azureus after I bought the magazine a few days ago and I taught myself not to bother watching the files trickle down. I kept telling myself that a watched pot never boils and downloading is not so bad. I stopped pulling my hair even when I see that a file's ETA (Expected Time of Arrival) is 64 days and 13 hrs. My first successful download was an e-book "Side Effects" by Woody Allen. No, it is not about the side effects of dumping Mia Farrow and marrying a younger girl. Mr. Allen can write good, humorous fiction. "Side Effects" is a collection of short stories.

In another effort to fill up my new hard drive, I downloaded and installed Blogger for Word. I didn't know how long the link stood there in the Blogger Start page before I caught sight of it. I needed a spell checker and Blogspot had none. So this Blogger for Word is the next best thing. You can edit your posts and publish them direct from Word. The only glitch that I got was I could not load the last 15 posts. Blogspot said it could but I couldn't. I would like to hear from people who could. Tell me what you did.

With this Word Add-On, you have no fear of losing your posts because you can save them on your hard disk. Losing them later is of course a possibility but let's not be so gloomy. Blogger for Word is free. Check it out if you haven't got it yet. Be careful of some Word characters though. They might look strange in the published post. Oh well, edit them in the old way.

Have a good weekend!