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Thursday, October 06, 2005
Fans of old songs will be pleased to know that Radio Pencen is back on air after a long break. The old pc broke down and now that I have a spanking new see-through pc, I have set up Radio Pencen again with the help of djcybersonique. He set up the first one. Thanks Wan!
To listen to Radio Pencen, you need Win Media Player. Load it up and then press CTRL+U.
A box will open. Type http://pokkufm.dyndns.org:8080/ in the box. Then wait for the streaming to start.
You also have to wait until you see me on on Yahoo Messenger. Radio Pencen is not carrying any commercials so the broadcast time is rather irregular. When it is on, message me if you want to listen to a particular song or genre. I cannot promise that I will have all that you requested but rest assured that I will try my best like the last time. Soon, I will know your favourites and will play them without being asked. If your are brushing up your Quran this Ramadhan, let me know what chapters to play.
Insyaallah, I will try to make a proper schedule if there is a reason for it.

Download Win Media Player 10 here.