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Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Ninety nine point nine percent of my friends do not read my blog. This is not a reflection of my shoddy writing but rather the level of computer-literacy of my generation. We are the kalam batu (slate stylus) generation.
Whatever generation you are, I am sure you have friends who would like to read some of your posts unplugged. Tell your friends the good news. Sangkelate will help publish a collection of selected blog posts as soon as a few things are settled.
First, we have to select the posts. All posts written by Malaysians wherever they are qualify.
You can help by telling me which posts deserve to be collected and preserved for posterity as hard copies in the traditional book form. Email Sangkelate or email me with your nominations. Please include Permalinks to make our life easier. We shall start with English posts first. Sangkelate wants the book to go global as well as further the use of English in Malaysia.
Then we will edit the posts. This is more of categorizing the posts and putting them in the proper chapters or sections rather than improving the grammar. If you have the knack for editing books, let us know.
Other than bragging rights, authors of posts selected will eventually be paid royalty from the sale of the book. Since the amount is expected to be very small, you can opt not to take the royalty but donate the amount to charity. More people exercising this option will make the amount substantial, hopefully.
The copyright of the works selected will of course remain yours. You will merely grant us permission to publish them. One of the lawyer-bloggers will draw up a (hopefully) simple agreement for this purpose.
Suggestions/nominations will be accepted until September 30th 2005. You can suggest your own posts.
Let's get cracking!