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Friday, August 19, 2005

The recent shower was not enough to fill up our reservoirs. Yesterday's STAR showed pictures of reservoirs all over Peninsula Malaysia drying up. The drought even uncovered some graves in Pedu Lake.
To the living, water is an important and precious commodity. Everybody, even the human kambings (those that rarely take baths) needs and uses water. Alarmingly, not everyone is careful with water. We live in a country where water is plentiful so we tend to splash it around. We take it for granted. We brush our teeth with the tap running. We use gallon of water to wash a small cup. We do not fix leaky taps or pipes. We shower our Kancils with lots of water although we know that it would not grow any bigger. We waste water in many ways and we do not realize what we are doing. Before you know it, we have to contend with our version of Nuwater.
We were somewhat frugal with water when we have to kara (draw) water from the well ourselves. Those using deep wells developed bulging biceps pulling the bucket up. Some had to carry the water home too. We have progressed and we now get our water from the tap.
Just because we pay for our water does not mean that we should not use it prudently. Those that endured water rationing in the past knew how to save water. Others will have to learn because water rationing could be imposed if the current situation does not improve.
I am not going to list out the things you can do to save water. I am sure you can think things out for yourself. I am sure Derumo will come up with several panels of helpful hints. One of my former bosses put bricks in his cistern. Everytime you flush a non brick-loaded cistern, one gallon of water goes down the drain.
Beer drinkers have t-shirts and stickers that say "Save Water, Drink Beer" but drinking lots of beer will involve a lot of water too. Beer drinkers tell me that when they drink, they pee a lot. So drinking beer does not really save water. Another sticker is better and probably more fun. It says:
Whether you want to come clean or not, have a good and happy weekend!