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Thursday, August 11, 2005
One month from today, on the 11th of September 2005 there will be an Autoshow and Competition at Wangsa Maju, KL. Among the competitions will be for the Best Modified Car like this Mini Minor on your left. If you have a modified car (even an air-brushed one) you can enter the competition. There will more details on the show and the competitions in the Official Magazine, Majalah Kereta (September Issue). The judges of the competitions will be from Bee-Tune KL. Car kaki would probably know this outfit already.

I am blogging about this because this event is organized (being organized, to be exact) by students of my Special Events & Risk Management class. If they botched the event, they fail the class. I do not want them to fail and I am helping them as much as I can. You can help them too. You can attend the event (starts at 9 am and ends at 6pm). It is free. It will be held in MIIM's ground. MIIM is across the road from Carrefour, Wangsa Maju. There wil be new cars to look at. You can kick the tyres if you want to. There will be accessories for cars too. I do not know what, yet. When I asked yesterday, they were pretty hazy as the jerebu outside. You can also help your company if you own one. They need more sponsors. If you want to give away samples or demonstrations, this event would be ideal. Drop me an email and I will get them to contact you. Do not worry if your product is not car-related.
The last class organized a futsal competition. It was very successful. This class goes one notch higher and I am sure it will be equally successful. Amin!!!!!
(picture taken from Majalah Kereta, the Official Magazine of Autovision 2005)