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Friday, July 22, 2005
A couple of friends of mine had the golden opportunity of making some money. It won't come easy though. They have to work hard and they will have to register a company. They will have to think of the company's name, search for its availability and then register it. Of course, if they are in a great hurry, they can buy a shelf company. You can buy one online for RM3,300 and it will be ready in an hour or you get it free.
Thus, the hardest part is thinking up an appropriate name for the company. There are companies that I know who took a lot of effort to name themselves. A name that means a lot. A names that succinctly describes what they do. Names like Microsoft and Omni Media. Microsoft, as everyone knows deals primarily in software for micro computers. Microsoft is very successful. Omni Media tells everyone that they deal in many kinds of media. They are not that successful yet in spite of the versatile name. InsyaAllah, they will.
There are names of companies that stand out. Once upon a time in America, a Roger Reid married a certain Marsha Wright. They set up a company called Reid & Wright. They sell antique books and probably pens and pencils too. Other names equally memorable are:
Beauty & The Beach
A Pane In The Glass
Body & Sole
Buy & Large
Of course Malaysians can think of nice unique names for their companies too. Chanai & Such comes to mind and so is Souled Out. I am hoping that you will add a few more. Those are names with imagination and relevant to the establishment. You couldn't possibly find names like that in the list of shelf companies for sale. Can you? Let us see the list:
Akar Berkat, Akar Bintang...hmm. that would be fine if you are selling tongkat ali or ginseng. It is also nice to note that some of them think of God when naming their companies:
Armada Syukur
Cantuman Rahmat
Strategi Berkat
Syarikat Crystal Berkat
Miracle Platform
Some companies probably used feng shui when they named them. Suanie could verify:
Axis Dragon
Blossom Lotus Solution
Bright Dragon
Lotus Bridge
Lotus Champion
Majestic Circle
Some are very confident and optimistic about their company and they came up with:
Shining Victory
Mega Juara Terbilang
Future Jewel
Bumi Miracle
Eternal Luck
Eternal Victory
Good luck to them. To my friends, think of a good name. Research it well. FORD exported their compact car NOVA to Mexico. They found out too late that NO VA can also mean "no move". Another company, closer to home (HQ in Bangsar, as I remembered it) made money distributing upmarket perfumes for a while. Then they disappeared. The company? TAHI. I kid you not.