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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

If you landed here under the impression that you are going to find out something about nanotechnology (also sometimes called molecular manufacturing) and learn about how atoms can be arranged, you will be sorely disappointed. Being a low-tech person, I know nuts about nanotechnology. Sorry.

Instead, I will touch on nano, the word in Trengganuspeak. Nano is used to sum up a range of behaviour - from a short temporary lapse of judgment up to a fit of wildeyed madness. A far as I know, nano is confined to the East Coast. Kelantanese speakers call it nanar without any change in meaning. If I were asked to choose a picture to illustrate nano, I would choose the pic of the pussy above.

Regardless of the level or strength of your sanity, you will be nano at one time or another. If you misplaced something and you go almost crazy hunting for it you say
Nano cari, dok temmung
(I searched for it like crazy and couldn't find it.)
Actually, nothing needs to be lost. You can go nano searching for a copy of R.Azmi's CD or an authoritative and definitive book on Media Planning.
If you made a boo boo like my daughter-in-law did ( see the June 21st post here) you might be called nano too albeit in an indulging and tender loving way.
Whatever it is, nano is never permanent. Sanity returns, maybe not in a nanosecond, but eventually.

As always, further examples and illustrations will be provided in due course by my prodigious but never prodigal guest blogger, Derumo. Regular readers of the comments in this blog will know that Derumo (May His Tribe Increase) picks up where I left off and fills in the ever-present gaps that I left in my wake (or stupor, to be more precise .) If my posts are Terengganu boats, Derumo would be the one to close up the cracks with the tar-like galla, the filler, to make the boat watertight. So wait for his comments.

In case you really want to know what nanotechnology is without going nano in the process, here is a good page.