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Friday, June 24, 2005
Last night about 50 people celebrated the 2nd birthday of PPS. Bloggers came as far away as Sarawak to join the festivities. By any standards, it was a successful party. There was even someone dancing on the bar although I doubt very much it was part of the programme.

I didn't feel out of place even though I do not know most of those present. Suanie, Fireangel, Matakecik kept me company until Mack and Aini took over. It was nice to see Mack & wife again. When Pak Idrus arrived, there was a lively discussion at our table. I got to meet Peter Tan, Shaolin Tiger, Tiger Joe, Kimberlycun (with legs covered), Lucia Lai, Minishorts, Andreas and the famous Jeff Oii. I also met the author of Silent Room, a very polite and nice young boy who is an aspiring graphic artist.

Those from the Nasi Dagang Party that came was Jordan and the Doctor, the newly-weds Bibi and Ammar (they left early and not because of malam Jumaat) and Pak Adib. Pak Adib brought his foldable wireless keyboard and shot off a blog there and then.

To the other bloggers I met but forgot their names, one thousand apologies. I had a good reason. I was waiting for my dinner and my stomach hijacked my memory.

Happy Birthday again PPS. Even though I didn't get a piece of the cake, I got a cigar via TV Smith- a Honduran (the cigar, not TV Smith).