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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Even though I am not afflicted with piles, alhamdullillah, I can get grumpy at times. It comes with old age I guess. When I get grumpy, I grumble. I used to bite people's head off when I was younger. Cannot do that anymore. No teeth left.
My gripe today is the apparent lack of standard in eating shops in Malaysia. Forget about ISO, that would be asking too much. Just give me what is usually practised throughout Malaysia.
On Monday, I went to a shop in Mid Valley Mega Mall to get ayam percik. This is the nearest place I know that sells edible ayam percik. I have been patronising them since they opened, years ago. I have dined in as well as tapao their ayam many times. Yesterday, I found out that they had a new name. Same ayam, but a new name. Rebranding. I told the girl who took my order I wanted ayam percik and their yellow rice. I was told that they only sell nasi ayam. Fine, I told her that I would have nasi ayam with my ayam percik to go. I paid for my lunch to the Bangladeshi cashier and waited for my packet. After waiting for them to rearrange chickens in the glass case, I got my ayam percik and rice. I noticed that there was a container of chili but no container of soup. So I asked for the soup. They told me that there is no soup. I asked why? They told me because I did not order it. I did not order the chili sauce too because I expected it to be with the nasi ayam, just like the soup. Would Mok Nik of Paya Tok Ber sell keropok lekor without the sauce? Would Long Selamoh sell bekang without either the kuoh lemok or kuoh manih?
I fervently hope that when the owners of this shop go to buy a car, they would get a car without tyres because they ordered just the car and not the wheels. Pffffffft!