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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Last night I had to hack into Mimi's account and delete her latest post. She didn't make any grammatical mistakes but she didn't do the right thing. I shall not dwell on what she did. She will have to dwell on that herself and hopefully knows what is the right thing to do the next time.

I felt that we spend a lot of time learning how to do things right but not enough time to learn to do the right thing. Numerous examples can be found right in our own country. Look at our road users. Road users have to learn rules and the right way to drive. Some paid a lot of money to learn all that before they take the test. Most passed. Some have to take the tests again until they get everything right. Then they do all the wrong things like going through the red lights and/or making illegal U-turns. I have even seen drivers making u-turn and going through the red light in one go. They drive right but they didn't do the right thing. If simple traffic laws can be broken how sure are we that these lawbreakers wouldnt break other laws?

What makes we do the right thing? Upbringing? Religion? Common courtesy? What made you give up your seat on the LRT to an elderly woman? It couldn't be the signs asking you to be caring or it would make me believe that most people on the LRT are illiterate. You would do the right thing even if there were no signs to remind you. You had good parents and you learn what is good, what is noble and most of all, you learn good manners.

Doing the right thing is difficult because most of the time, you do it without thinking. You instinctively know what is right and when to do it. To do things right is relatively easier. You learn, you practise and it becomes a skill. Just like learning maths in school. You do it repeatedly until you get it right. That is why some wise people think men should marry teachers. With teachers, if you did it wrong, she will ask you to do it again and again until you get it right. Right?