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Sunday, May 08, 2005

A lot has been written about mothers especially on Mother's Day. Since I know a few mothers myself, I will put in my 2 sen's worth.

"Mother" has been voted the most beautiful word in the English language. "Mother" is also used to mean "the greatest" as in "Mother of All Wars". Of course there are other words that underline the special status of mothers. Without going through the dictionary, I can think of Motherland, mother tongue,Mother Nature, mother lode and "Necessity is the mother of all inventions" regardless of whether the invention is necessary to you and me.

Your mother played an important part in determining what and how you are. You can't really choose your mother. It is a cosmic roulette or whatever you might want to call it. Some have a good mother while some grew up with a bad one. Real rotten mothers are those who threw their newborn in the toilet or in the bushes but I guess this is entirely a Malaysian thing.

Good or bad, mothers are usually revered and loved. Good or bad, your mother loves (or in some cases, loved) you. She might have a strange way of showing it, but she loves you. It comes with motherhood. She loves you even if Mother's Day was not invented by the merchants. She loves you until the day she dies. To her, you will always be her baby even though you have babies of your own.

To all the bonda, mama, amma, mummy, ma, mok, ummi or by whatever name a mother is called , I wish you Happy Mother's Day. To the rest of you, I give you a Terengganu Puisi from Besut entitled Mok.