Di Bawoh Rang Ikang Kering
Random Ramblings of A Retired Retainer


Monday, April 18, 2005

A few days ago I discovered that I could not chew well because of a loose tooth. I did not want to pull the tooth out. I do not have that many teeth left.

Later the gum swelled and I had to take some pills to reduce the swelling and to lessen the pain. The pills made me drowsy although they are not supposed to do that. The pills also upset my stomach. I think it affected my brain too, hence this posting.

If anything, learn something from my experience. Take good care of your gnashers. Visit your dentist at least once a year. I did that until my dentist migrated to Brunei. I put off getting a new dentist until I was transferred to Kuantan. A friend recommended me an established dentist and I went to get my plaque removed. Be careful when having your plaque removed. Sometimes it is the plaque that holds your teeth together. Anyway, that visit to the dentist had an impact on my teeth.

I was wincing in the dentist chair with the drill humming and screeching away when suddenly the dentist told me to spit. I spat and the drill bit came out of my mouth. Before that I read about a few cases of people swallowing drill bits. It was fortunate that I did not swallow any of the dentist's hardware.

I did not go to dentists for a long long time after that. Whatever orthodontic problems that I had, I solved by using Sansilla. Alas Sansilla was withdrawn from the market and I was forced to see a dentist. The first one was in SEA Park. He looked inside my mouth, shook his head and gravely told me that my teeth are going. I asked him, equally gravely, how much time my teeth had. That broke him in stitches. He didn't do anything except to refer me to another dentist in New Town PJ.

Anyway, do take care of your teeth while you can. While you are at it, take care of your eyes too. You can chew with false teeth but you can' t see with false eyes.