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Wednesday, April 06, 2005
Alhamdullillah, coupled with your prayers, I seem to get better. I had to cancel a class today though and left a date with akutakretiomputeh hanging. We were supposed to have nasi kandar together. Instead, my friend Razak drove me to a Japanese restaurant for tempura and miso soup. Yesterday my #1 daughter brought me some Boyan rice. It was strange to see a lonely large piece of fried taufoo somewhere in the rice.

Anyway, old people recover slowly. I am recovering though. Enough to be able to post this. My monitor has not recovered though. It has ceased to display anything. I have kidnapped Mimi's monitor to use until Kenny, my pc pusher bring me another monitor. I have faith in Kenny like some sick people put their faith in faith healers. Oh, there are faith-healers, even in Malaysia. There are more in other places. I read about healers in the Phillipines doing surgeries with just their bare hands. You have to have faith to believe.

There are even faith healers with their own radio shows. One old couple was listening to one such show one night. The evangelist on air urged listeners to place their hand on the afflicted part and prayers will cure the ailment. The wife put her hands on her athritic knees and she saw the husband put his hand between his legs. She let out one long sigh and then reminded the husband:
"Darling, the man said he can heal the sick. Not raise the dead"