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Tuesday, March 29, 2005
There is a reason why this post is more than 9 hours late. It is way later now because of Blogger's server errors.

Yesterday, "my body not bush" (tuboh tok rok) so I fell asleep just before Isya. I was awakened at around 12.30 am and told that everyone in our condo was already downstairs. There was a strong vibration at 12.15 am. Even though there was no visible cracks in the building, we went downstairs. I was in my kain pelikat. There was already a big crowd at the carpark. People were sleepily standing around not doing anything in particular. Phone networks were jammed. There was a Polis Waja parked at the other block, lights flashing.

Half an hour later I went up and hurried to the chat room and Elisa, who is in Finland, told me to turn on CNN. That was how I learnt about the earthquake. Later Suanie and djcybersonique filled me in. I went out of the chat room and tried to finish the slides for today's lecture. I was interrupted by a call from one of the security guards who told me that the news crew from RTM wanted to see me. I put on my jeans and went down with Mimi.

About an hour after that at nearly 3 am while working on my slides, there was somebody shouting, telling us to get down. Again we went down. It was a prank. A dangerous "cry wolf" one. Very bad joke. May those responsible had their armpits infested by the fleas of a thousand camels for the rest of their life.