Di Bawoh Rang Ikang Kering
Random Ramblings of A Retired Retainer


Monday, March 28, 2005
I got my exercise last night by walking the length of KLIA right down to KLIA Express train station. I needed the exercise to lose the calories gained by endless eating while I was in Kuala Terengganu. I ate a lot of things. Brunch of fried kway teow at Awana Kijal ( at 11 am), kerepok lekor for tea, kerepok lekor plus nasi minyak for dinner and kerepok lekor and satay for supper.
The next morning, it was nasi dagang and more kerepok lekor for breakfast. I had Sunday as a kerepok lekor-free day. But I gorged on nasi with ikang singgang, grilled ikang kerisi with budu courtesy of darekampo.

I also had bekang kuah lemak after not seeing the delicacy for over 20 years. Bekang is oval-shaped bland cake somewhat like baulu. In fact they use the brass baulu mould to bake the bekang. Rice flour is used to make the bekang. It is eaten either with a sweet brownish gravy or with a savoury creamy fish-based gravy. The one I had yesterday came with both but I only poured the savoury gravy over my bekang. I am glad that the art of making bekang is not lost after all these years.

I could not say the same about the nasi dagang though. On Saturday I woke up early to join the faithfuls for the dawn prayer at Mesjid Puteh. After listening to a lecture, my friend and I picked up another friend and we headed to Cendering for a nasi dagang breakfast. The more glamorous shop was closed and we went to the next shop which, at just over 7 am, was already crowded. The nasi dagang rice was up there with the best but the fish and gravy was on the sweet side. The curry went the way of satay sauces. I was told that the other shop nearby had better gravy but the rice is not as good. That is important information. The next time I go to Cendering for nasi dagang, I will buy the rice from one shop and the curry from the other. It would be worth the trouble.