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Thursday, March 17, 2005
sausage, food consisting of finely chopped meat mixed with seasonings and, often, other ingredients, all encased in a thin membrane. Although sausages were made by the ancient Greeks and Romans, they were usually plain and unspiced; in the Middle Ages people began to use the various spices and meats that led to the modern sausage. Many of the sausages that became famous were named for the localities where they were first made: the frankfurter in Frankfurt, Germany; the bologna in Bologna, Italy; the genoa salami in Genoa, Italy. Black pudding, an ancient dish in England and Scotland, was made of oatmeal, suet, and hog's blood. White pudding was suet with toasted oatmeal. Sausages are of two types, dry and wet, according to whether the casing is filled with fresh (wet) or cooked (dry) meat. Pork sausage is an example of the wet. Dry sausages are made from fresh meats and curing substances, and then smoked (e.g., pepperoni). Salami, most common in Italy and Germany, contains beef and pork and is highly seasoned. The large bologna sausage is of veal and pork and is smoked. Frankfurters and wienerwursts are small, smoked varieties containing lean pork and beef. Sausage is usually packed in casings made either of the cleaned and salted intestines of the slaughtered animals or of synthetic cellulose.
I can't remember when halal sausages came to the supermarkets. I am sure it was at the time when I still had teeth. I can safely say that it came after hotdogs became popular. You really cannot have hotdogs without sausages, can you?

Recent developments will make me stay away from hotdogs and sausages. I have to skip the occasional treat of fried bangers (sausages) and eggs on a bed of baked beans until I am sure the sausages are halal.

For non-Muslims who might be wondering what the fuss is all about, let me tell you that I, like all other Muslims is very particular of what I eat. I might be the greatest sinner this side of Hell, but I care about what I eat. I might not care what I wear, where I live or who I live with but when it comes to food, I care. Halal does not only mean pork-free. It means everything must be done as prescribed by the religion. The animal must be slaughtered according to the mode taught by the religion. Animals that committed suicide or killed by passing JKR lorries cannot be used as food for Muslims. I can tell you more on this subject but I think I need a license.

Porcine ingredients creep into a lot of things. Shortening is an example. The capsule for medicines and vitamins is another.Friends will tell me of other things. I have to be more alert and read the label. You too must be alert. The country needs more lerts.