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Saturday, March 05, 2005
(The following is a newsflash received on Radio Pencen's ancient thermal fax machine. The veracity of the news could and would not be ascertained at the moment but read it anyway)

RU RENGGEH - Saturday : The local chapter of the Persatuan Derebar-Derebar Roda Tiga District 609 will make a movie with a working title of "Kememe" (Blur). It will be about a triangular love-hate relationship between a Malay Mok Inang Rodat, a Gurkha gem peddler and a Bomoh Siam. A sum of RM607.65 sen has been collected as seed money while 3 buffaloes, one billy goat and 7 itik serati has been pledged. No budget has been mentioned.

In a hastily-called press conference at Kedai Kopi Mok Nang Selamoh, the pro-tem President of the Persatuan Derebar-Derebar Roda Tiga, Anang Khatib Jusoh dismissed suggestions that they were trying to ride on the success of "Sepet".

"We will do better than that film, " he promised " we will add in several scenes for the censors to cut, leaving the whole film and storyline intact." He also hinted that there will be a prequel and a sequel tentatively titled "Boley" (myopic) and "Gelap Mate" (temporarily blind) respectively. The cast has not been decided yet. There were no actors or actresses present at the press conference but Encik Anang grudgingly revealed that the majority of the ladies in rodat groups in Hulu Terengganu will be auditioned while Wak Sir will be offered the role of the Bomoh Siam. The Gurkha will be played by a real Gurkha and members of the association were already scouring Kuala Terenganu and beyond for the batu aqiq peddlers.

It is learnt that the scriptwriter will be Rukmini Minggu who grew up in Capitol Cinema, Kuala Terengganu. Locations will be around Ru Renggeh itself, Sekayu Waterfall, Kuala Ibai Bridge, and Pasar Kedai Payang . Some scenes will be shot in Bukit Cerakah Agricultural Park if it is still around.