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Thursday, February 17, 2005
I met Tynn, her husband Memphis Belle and their precious sweet Yaya only once. Then I chatted with Memphis Belle many times in our Yahoo chat room (Bloggers:1). We talk about food often which is natural since it is always meal time somewhere in the world. When it is supper in Malaysia, it is lunch time in UK or Saudi Arabia. Once, the subject of nasi kandar came up. A few keyboards in United Kingdom got wet with drool. I suggested a few and Memphis Belle offered to take me to a nasi kandar joint that I haven't been before. So yesterday, right after class, Memphis picked me up from Masid Jame's LRT station and we had a nice plate of nasi kandar each (ok, one and half for Memphis- he is younger and has a better appetite). Suffice to say, Memphis has good taste not mention the kind heart to feed a hungry old man. Thanks Memphis!

The class yesterday was in the morning. As usual, I was kept waiting for my students to arrive. I told them later, if they don't change their habit, once they get employed, they will soon get sacked for tardiness. While waiting, I surveyed the class and found some interesting grafitti on the furniture. One played on the name of the college ( menyeSAL) while quietly making a statement. Others are the usual "leaving my mark" thing like

Molly (with a face of a koala bear)
Hang Jebat wuz here
Nizam love Hanien
and one obviously from a person with global ambitions:
Brooklyn Rizal World Wide.

One person owns up to the graffiti with:
Ini Aku Yang Conteng. Man Toya (heart symbol) Lily (The Carat Club)

Another one must have not understood the lecturer because this was written in big handwriting:
Aku tak FaHam langsung VideograpHy nie.
(I totally do not understand this Videography)

I also found a philosophical grafitti:
"He who dies with the most toys still dies"

The one I like the most is probably from someone who is not only a Britteny Spears fan but someone with an identity crisis:
I am not a girl
Not yet a woman
but I am a boy.