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Monday, February 07, 2005
This post is written at the request of Ellene (or expink in the chat room) who takes Linguistic as part of her course.
Of course we are not aware of the proper terminology for words like manih leting, masang rebang etc. Ellenes said they are compound words. So be it. If you don't agree, you go quarell with her ok?

Now I really have to think of compound words. Maybe it won't take that much time until I forget
semayang bang.
Hey, thats a compound word isn't it? It comes from the words sembahyang (pray) and bang (to call to prayer or the call to prayer). Combined, it does not only mean praying but other religious obligations that you are supposed to do, like posa re-er. Posa re-er includes all puasa, wajib and sunat, in or off-Ramadhan. You all know that at the end of Ramadhan, you have hari raya. Hari Raya is when you celeberate with warih waroh (relatives) and saing rodong (friends and acquintances). It is not the time to exhaust pitih mah ( money and valuables) although some poor souls do exactly this, year after year. People who do not heed advice , like these spendthrift people are called bodo sombong. The meaning is the same as in Standard Malay.

Bodo sombong people are also people who litter rata rawa (all over the place). In spite of the government's campaign, these people are ngata cerok (all corners) Malaysia. They forgot that they are living among other people. People that they will depend on in case of sakit demam (illness and sickness) and mati relar (deaths and accidents).

Happy Ellene? Pok Ku leloh bedoho doh.

(Tomorrow's post will be dependant on me getting online. I am out of the country for a bit.)