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Friday, January 28, 2005
My Internet connection from the house is not available since Thursday morning. I am not sure if the reason is technical or financial. My daughter Elisa is trying to fix things as soon as possible. In the meantime, I will attempt to post this and also to reply to comments on yesterday's post from the nearest cyber cafe. If you see the date and time of this post later than the current time, do not adjust your clock. It would be just me posting this ahead of the usual time.

On a happier and brighter note, the venue for the Nasi Dagang Party has been identified and secured. It will be at the Coffee Hut at Rasta, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail as strongly recommended by Bibi, who is a permanent patron of the place. The nasi dagang is free of course, courtesy of Mokciknab but store rules dictate that you can't bring your own drink. Sorry, no BYO. Never fear, Coffee Hut at Rasta sells the famous Kemaman coffee and also the equally famous Kota Bharu kopi deka as well as other beverages. You won't get thirsty. Just bring some loose change. I also heard that Rasta Hut will be frying some keropok lekor especially for the occasion. I wish I had more teeth though.

I hope to see you there Saturday night. It will be fantastic to eyeball you and shake your hand at last. If you feel like having conversations with me, bring an umbrella for protection. Remember, I have few teeth left. Bring a digital camera too if you like. Our friends overseas and those who can't make it would want to see what happened. So please, somebody, bring a digital camera. Mine is already useless. I will get my son to bring his camcorder.

There will be a sizeable crowd, insyaAllah. Mokciknab told me 40 of you already confirmed. If you haven't confirmed your attendance, there is still time to email Mokciknab. She posted the details on her blog.

See you there!