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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali

I have to apologize to friends whose blog I haven't visited lately. I am really swamped by work which I hope will ease a bit soon. I know that I have 24 hours like everyone but somehow my 24 hours seems to be used up faster. I am glad I am not teaching Time Management. Don't get me wrong though, my classes went well and at least ended on time. Starting is another matter. I could only start about 15 minutes after the scheduled time after I get about 30% of my class present. Starting on time is impossible because the few punctual ones insisted that I wait for their friends. I did tell them that when I waited, I am punishing those that came on time. They didn't mind. Since I am paid by the hour, I can live with that.

2 hours, twice a week are spent travelling. Yesterday (Tuesday) was an exception. I had an afternoon class but I left the house early because a friend wanted to meet me in KLCC. After picking his watch at the Mont Blanc shop and evaluating a new Canon printer that he is interested in, we had lunch at a crowded food court below Konikuniya. Then we had to wait for an extremely slow lift to get to the car. Then we got into a crawl along Jalan Ampang. Luckily, I got to my class with 5 minutes to spare. I know it is pointless to be early when everyone else is late but, hey, I am Old School.

When I get home, I bone up on what I am supposed to teach next. It was different when I was teaching Broadcasting subjects. I do not have to read up so much. This time it is a different ball game altogether and I have to refresh my creaky memory and stay ahead of my students. I prefer to read blogs, really but I have no choice.

I tried taking naps with books close to my head, hoping for some kind of osmosis. Didn't work. I got a stiff neck instead.