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Thursday, January 20, 2005
To those in the dark, a recap is in order. This blog was voted the Best Malaysia (n) Blog in the recent Asia Blog Awards organised by Simon of Simon World. Thank you Simon for taking the trouble of organising the awards. I also would love to thank in person those who voted for me, especially Mack Zulkifli who volunteered to be my Campaign Manager and was among those who wrote nice things to get people to vote for me. Yes, I meant you too Kervin, Jordan and few others that I may have forgotten to mention. All gave me their support and encouragement.

My daughters of course rooted for me from the beginning. Mimi and Elisa promised their eternal gratitude while Mokciknab promised a nasi dagang party if their father wins.

Well, their father did win and Mokciknab is organising the party on Saturday 29th January. Please come although the venue is yet to be selected. Rest assured that it will be somewhere in the Klang Valley. You will be duly informed. Please read Mokciknab's post about this and email her immediately. We do want enough food for everyone so it is important that we know how many are coming.

It will be our pleasure to meet you and thank you in person.