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Tuesday, January 18, 2005
My daughter found me a job teaching at a media institution. She teaches there too. She passed both of us as "industry experts". I hope we don't get sued later for misrepresentations.
Anyway, I start today and last night was a frantic one. I was rushing to finish my PowerPoint slides, prepare lesson plans and hunting for books though not necessarily in that order. I went to two bookshops in two malls looking for a book on Media Planning and came home disappointed. Even a second hand book shop didn't stock any. I guess, I have to borrow one from Mack.

In my frenzy yesterday, I didn't get to think of any worthwhile topic to blog on. To make matters worse, my son and my grand daughter are in the hospital with dengue. The number of dengue cases in Klang Valley seems to be increasing.

Speaking of numbers, here is something I dug up to use in case my students get extremely bored by my lecture. You can use this to amaze your friends or your cat. Tell them that you can read their mind as I can read yours now.

If this is new to you, here's what you have to do:

Think of a 3-digit number. Any 3-digit number. The last 3 digits of your phone number, your i/c, whatever. The only condition is the number must be different when reversed. 123 is ok because when reversed, it will be 321. 101, on the other hand can not be used because when reversed, it will still remain 101. Get it?
Now write that number down (example 123)
Now reverse the number and write it down (example 321)
Next, subtract the smaller number from the bigger number (e.g. 321-123) . Use a calculator if necessary.Write down the result (e.g. 198)
Now, reverse the result (198 to become 891)
Add up the results (e.g. 198+891)

Write down YOUR TOTAL. I know what it is.

Your last total should be: 1089

If your number and my hidden number aren't the same, you must get the steps wrong. Try again.