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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Today my only son is 30 years old. He will be celebrating his birthday in Pantai Hospital, Pandan Indah. He is getting better though and he hopes to be discharged in a few days.

When Boy was born he had a chest like a skinned pigeon. My uncle said the baby is going to suffer from asthma or some other respiratory disease.All people with "dada burung", he said, are like that. I am glad my uncle was wrong. When Boy was nearly a year old we found his head covered with sores which the doctors could not cure. The old folks called it "kenan" and pointed us to the proper person to cure our baby son. Alhamdullillah, a relative who lived in Marang (that's another place far from Merang) with Allah's permission and blessing helped to get rid of the sores.

The sores on the head did not diminish Boy's intelligence in any way. He grew up smart and curious. I wished he was less smart though because he got bored fast. He did very well in Standard One in St. Thomas, Kuantan but dipped soon after. Another less than smart decision he made was when he failed to get a credit for BM in his SPM. That made him settle for just Grade 2. Instead of just taking BM again the following year, Boy decided to take the whole examination. He was unaware that by then, they have changed the whole syllabus.

For reasons known only to himself, Boy decided to go to work early, skipping a university education. I asked him what had he applied for. He told me he applied to be a stevedore in Port Klang. I didn't think my son was built for that kind of work and a job more suitable to him must be found. I found him a job with a production house in Taman Tun starting as a "gurkha". He changed job many times after that but kept close to the industry because he loved films.

His sister that he teased relentlessly everyday wrote better stuff about him. Read it here.
Happy Birthday Boy!