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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I can safely say that everyone have heard of online chat either on IRC, Yahoo, MSN or what have you. I got hooked on IRC chat about nine years ago but gave up after Malaysian IPs were banned a few times from Webmaster and other networks. After that I went through several chat "places" like Amboi.net (as part of Radio Music's foray into the electronic interactiveness) and then Bluehyppo for a while. Now I frequent Yahoo chat mostly in an "invite only" room called FeelGood Place. Incidentally, I used "Feel Good" for my first room on IRC "The RoseGarden" long before a certain TV station came into existence.

There are a few bloggers who got invited into FeelGoodPlace just to chat about everything that comes up. Notable among them are Amir, Redzuan, jiwarasa, Hazel and earlier, Insane Ox. Redzuan operates a 24 hour "radio station" on webcast and we had whatever music we requested whenever he is around. Insane Ox slipped away quietly, although we would like to see him back.

I would like to know who else among you want to try chatting in real time. It is simple. Just get Yahoo Messenger and add any of us as your contact. My id on Yahoo is malaysiannightrider. Just tell me who you are when you ask to be added so I know that you are a blogger/blogreader. Then it will be easy to invite you to the room whenever I see you online and we can chat up a storm. MacOS users will have a problem though. Riza, who is on a Mac could not get into chat until today. I am sure there is a way. Worse come to the worse, we can set up a room on java.

I am usually online after 10 am everyday except Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I peek in again at around 10 pm when I am home.

Let me know what you think about this.