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Monday, January 31, 2005
The Nasi Dagang Party went well. Of course nothing is perfect and I have to apologize on behalf of the harried organizers for not starting on time. Jordan & Mazleen came on time but were not seated until later. Actually, the organizers were there well before 8pm but had to dash home to do solat maghrib and one had to change clothes. I prayed at home but my son who picked me up stopped to pray at his sister's house en route to the Coffee Hut.

I had a wonderful time meeting for the first time the nicks that I previously saw in my comment box except for the Redzuan . But then, I met Redzuan when he was still in Primary school. He has changed somewhat. Redzuan amused the rest by showing the Commodore Users Exchange magazines that I published 20 years ago.

When I was exchanging stories with Pak Adib, Red & Dudae in the Smokers Corner, there were SMS from atok in London and later a call from Sang Kelate who is in Lancaster. Both of them, like all those that couldn't make it, were with us in spirit and thought. They missed the nasi dagang, buah bung, jambu air (with ccolek), kerepok lekor and the best selection of coffee in town. Don't worry; I hope to meet you guys when you are in town next.

I am still posting from a No Smoking cyber cafe so I can't really stay long. I am sure there will be posts about the party. When I post this, there are already 4 blogs (Jordan, Redzuan, Mack Zulkifli and Sham) where the gathering is mentioned. Just let me tell you this, if my cucus weren't so sleepy, I would have stayed longer. I went home whistling "Some Enchanted Evening". That's how much I enjoyed myself. Thank you for coming. Thank you for making the evening enchanting for an old man. Let's do it again.

Red ( a fellow Terengganuspeaker) took some pics and here they are. Thanks Red.