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Tuesday, February 01, 2005
Red was in a hurry and forgot to caption the pics that he took, so I took the liberty of giving the captions for him. Here we go:

Farid ( all the way from USA) and Friend
Amir, Redzuan & Jordan with the lovely ladies
Pak Adib stretching a point
Pok Ku finally got hungry
The Nasi Dagang Chef is pleased as Mokciknab surveys the food while Jordan contemplates a refill
Cek Na (Pok Ku's only DIL) turned camcorder operator for the night
Yes, it is a car wash by day. That's why the floor is so clean.
Pok Ku with Najwa, the dengue survivor
Pak Adib & Pok Ku at the Smokers Corner
Mack digitalizing

There were other camerapersons that night. Let us hope they publish the pics soon.
All pictures in this post were taken and copyrighted by Red.

Happy Hari Wilayah Persekutuan to those having a holiday. If Selangor is Darul Ehsan, Negeri Sembilan is Darul Khusus and Pahang is Darul Makmur, what Darul is Wilayah Persekutuan?