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Saturday, February 05, 2005
I was busy setting up the chat room and getting people in these few days that I sort of neglected my blog. Comments went unreplied. Sorry about that. I also didn't get to think of anything to write about today.

In the chat, Kak Teh told me the story why Terengganuspeak has "g" at the end like

while in Kedah, the "g" is missing in some words

The following story explained why:
Once upon a time, the ruler of Terengganu and the ruler of Kedah challenged each other to a game of dam aji. Best of 3 papan. Loser will surrender all the Gs in the state.

So a nice wakaf was built with a papan dam engraved by the royal engraver. They got the finest bottle caps to use as the buah dam. The Kedahan brought karaih as refreshment while Terengganu served nasi dagang.

Somehow after eating nasi dagang, the Kedah player lost concentration and lost the tournament 1-2. So Kedah has to forfeit the use of G in some words until today. The Terengganu side, not knowing what to do with all the extra Gs won, started adding them to unimaginable words.

Now you know.

DISCLAIMER: Any similarity to real persons, living, dead or yet unborn is not the problem of the writer or story teller.