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Thursday, February 03, 2005
Quite a number of bloggers like the idea of the virtual gathering . Amir and I invited a number of people into the chat room yesterday. We had a blast.

Kak Teh chatted immediately after subuh (the dawn prayer) although it was nearly asar for me and Amir. We also had Black Kembara, inolagay and Leen joining us. Later, just before isya, we had more bloggers who are overseas being invited into the chat room. We had iJun (London), Naj (Yorkshire), shee-ra (Soton), Sharizal (undisclosed), Sunflora ( undisclosed) and expink (also undisclosed). Did I miss anyone? Our blogger in Madrid anuarfariz had a bad connection and could not even receive the chat invite. Anak _Hashim and kootchie also had similar problems. We hope to have them amongst us in the room soon.

I had the following people added into my list:
lady azma and

If you have requested to be added and your name is not up there, please do not give up. Please add me again. Yahoo is sometimes very constipated and odd things happen.

I will look forward to communicating with you!

Good news for people on Mac OS, riza found a way to enter the room. Talk to him