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Friday, February 25, 2005

A few people were sceptical when they read about mas cotek in the recent post. I do not blame them. Sounds too good to be true. But, it is true. Some enterprising people have bottled mas cotek essence and sell them for over RM30 per bottle. Post Malaysia even had mas cotek on one of their first day covers (see pic above).

Friends who asked for the leaves have to be a bit patient. You have to wait until I go back to Terengganu. If I happen to be taken for a tramp in the secondary jungle, I will ask Pak Ramli to get some leaves for me to take home. No promises though.

Apart from constricting orifices, the tea from mas cotek is also good to treat watery lungs (or is it water in the lung?) and piles. I have copied the links to some sites that will enlighten you further. The last link was sent by kryptos. Thanks friend!

Mas cotek does not act like Viagra or Cialis. Sorry gentlemen. But I will tell you an Asian viagra story that you might have not heard before:

One deprived wife decided to quietly spice up her love life by spiking her hubby's food with viagra. So one fine evening, she sprinkled the noodle (her husband's favorite dish) with ground blue pill. She timed her husband's arrival with perfection and when the husband came home, the noodles were steaming on the dinner table.

But the husband decided not to eat yet. He wanted a leisurely shower before dinner. He showered and answered a few phone calls before opening the tudung saji (food cover) to enjoy his noodles. He was shocked to find all his noodles standing up stiffly in the bowl.