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Friday, April 08, 2005
I noticed that some words, both in Terengganuspeak and in Standard Bahasa can be grouped according to their sound. Let us put this to test.

Take a difficult situation, literally or figuratively. Let's take sesok (BM=sesak). Sesok in Terengganuspeak has several meanings. One meaning is "very much deprived" (usually of worldly possessions like money). A destitute person is orang sesok. When you are deprived of air, you are sesok nafas. When you can't move in a place, like in cramped spaces, you are also sesok. If you are in a very crowded lift, where people are berasok-asok (pushing each other), you tend to feel very sesok. Notice that sesok and berasok rhymes. Notice too the cramped or the deprived situation.

Sesok and asok are both results of pressure. Both resulted in tightness. Things can go awry if there is too much pressure. When you asok too much, you are cramming more than is possible. Things will then go out of joint or out of whack. Terengganu people call this situation keresok (bent or out of alignment). Notice again the rhyme.

Misaligned things can be avoided if we are beraluh (careful) and not lasok (rough). When things are already reyok ( bent) nothing can be done except if they are clothes or egos. Then you can try gosok (iron or rub) to make things right.

Am I making sense or is my brain already keretok (gnarled and stunted) ?