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Thursday, April 14, 2005
Reading this morning's newspaper, I found out that Telekom Malaysia is going to have a rebranding exercise soon. Rebranding is good as Mac Zulkifli will always tell his clients on occasions. RTM went the rebranding way and apart from a bit of debates over RIMA, they did good.

I wish Telekom Malaysia well. I also wish and fervently hope that they can improve Screamyx, err, Streamyx. That broadband service has not been behaving well as far as I am concerned. Last night night alone, I was cut off not less than 5 times. People in the chat room must have thought I was ignoring them. Little did they know that I was experiencing chattus interruptus which is not good for the body and the mind. Thus I couldn't get my post up in time.

I do not know the reasons for the disruptions. Neither do I care. I am paying for a month's service of broadband and I expect to get a reasonable service in return. Maybe one day, I will get excellent service. Who knows. Hope lies eternal in the human breasts (with or without bra).