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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Yem, my classmate, kampung-mate, best friend and confidante goes back to Kuala Terengganu quite often. Yem is a good artist, a family trait inherited from his father Mohd Hassan Al-Qudsi or more well-known in Terengganu as Cik Mat Riau. Yem haven't painted anything in years preferring to leave the paintings to his brother Ahmad Hassan. A few years ago, Yem was introduced to digital photography and was smitten instantly. I wanted a shot of the Bukit Puteri light house and Yem obliged by sending me a cd full of pictures.

I am sharing with you a few of his pictures so that you can see that the artist in him is still there.

Mesjid Intan Zaharah, Kuala Ibai

Istana Maziah

Bukit Puteri

Photos Copyrighted 2005 by Ibrahim Sapii Mohd Hassan Al-Qudsi
All Rights Reserved.