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Monday, May 30, 2005
This news was in today's Malay Mail. This is the first time that I read about a chicken in court (scared lawyers notwithstanding).

I do not know whether to congratulate or laugh at the traffic policeman of Johannesburg, California. He gave a ticket to the chicken for crossing the road without using the zebra (chicken?) crossing. It would have caused the owners of the chicken US$54 to pay the fine. Thats no chicken feed in any country.

The owners hired a lawyer to argue the case in court. I am sure this loyar ayam charged them more than US$54. This was the thought that passed through my mind as I shovel nasi lemak into my mouth this morning. I also thought of other things. Was the chicken produced in court? Was the chicken photographed and claw-printed in the police station? How did they trace the owner of the chicken? If the chicken was brought into court, how did the chicken cover his face when cameramen took his picture?

Most of all, I wondered whether the judge asked the chicken the age-old question: Why did you cross the road?