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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Pak Idrus (with the finger) & Pak Adib in an animated discussion.

Yesterday I had the longest lunch ever. It was from 1 pm to 4 pm. 4 hours and there were only 4 of us : Pak Idrus, Pak Lias, Pak Adib (or Abedib to some) and yours truly. We were expecting more people and made the NZ staff lugged another table to join ours. There must be a house rule against unpopulated conjoined tables because after a while the NZ workers kept wanting to take the table away even though there were plenty of other unpopulated tables in the restaurant.

When blogggers meet, they have plenty to talk about. When older bloggers meet, they have more to talk about. And talked we did - about blogs, about kids, about communications, about everything and in no particualr order. We talked about ships and sealing wax, about cabbages and kings. We talked like we were old friends even though this is the first time I met Pak Idrus and Pak Lias face to face. I have met Pak Adib previously at the Nasi Dagang Party. This time, I tried to corrupt Pak Adib with a few of my jokes whenever he was not answering calls on his Treo pda phone.

We had to go when zohor almost ran out. Thank you friends for a nice afternoon and thank you Pak Idrus for the kari kepala ikan and telur ikan. Pak Idrus would not let me pay. Come to think of it, the company and the conversations were priceless.