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Thursday, June 02, 2005
Look at this picture. If you, like my friend Buaya (now turned belacan) frequent shopping malls and other public places , you will find many Malaysian girls dressing like this. I suspect that many young girls want to be like their idol Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears. I don't think they just want to air their navel although some who had their navel pierced would want to show it off. Most, I would surmise, just want to look hip and trendy. A few, I would hazard a guess,want to show off that they have no tell-tale signs around their midriff of ever being pregnant. This explains why you cannot find any makcik adopting this fashion in public. Mothers and other sensible ladies would not want to show part of their pubic to the public.

When Levi Strauss first started fashioning jeans out of tents years ago, his customers were hairy miners and prospectors. These jeans covered the navel. I am not sure which designer came up with this low-rise jeans. These jeans are harmful. These tight jeans squeeze a sensory nerve under the hipbone and cause a tingling sensation in the thighs called paresthesia. That's apart from causing sensations in the bodies of men who looked (present company excepted, of course). Buaya (now turned belacan) call these sensations hampsap. A doctor in Canada traced the cause of paresthesia in several patients to these hip-huggers. He advised the patients to wear not-so-tight clothings. There are other causes of paresthesia. Among those linked to parthesia (or serbang in Terengganuspeak) are obesity, car seat bealts, sitting with crossed legs for an extended period of time and wearing tight corsets or heavy tool belts. Having too much cash can also cause paresthesia. Doctors reported that some patients complained of pain after routinely wedging their wallets into trouser pockets. Thank God I won't have that problem since my wallet is perpetually undernourished.