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Monday, June 06, 2005
If you think I am turning into a food critique, please perish the thought. I am just making notes on places where I have eaten. One man's meat is another man's poison (or python, depending on where you go) so I am writing this according to my views and my palate.

Where can you go to eat, buy sundries and have your car washed at the same time and place? And if you haven't got a car to wash, you can buy a new car there too. I am talking about NZ Curry house in Wangsa Maju. Razak and I had briyani with fish curry. Apart from the strange colour of the fried chicken ( almost bright red), Razak found the food very agreeable and I finished my rice ( a rare feat). The service is good. No less than 4 waiters asked us if we had ordered our drinks. The place is huge so there are less chances of not getting a table. Following the trend of mamak joints, this place also offers Thai cuisine. They also have other dishes like Otak Otak Kempas.

Another lunch that I enjoyed was the halal dim sum place in Plaza Damas, Yam Cha. I first tried the dim sum last Sunday with my cucu Najwa and Naim. Yesterday it was with Adam, Aiyshah and Aliya. The day before that (Saturday), Adam and sisters had lunch with me at a Japanese restaurant. The dim sum come piping hot. You order them by their name (Hidden Treasure etc) or by the number. Do remember what you like in case you want more of the same.

Dinner on Saturday was in a French place in Jalan Maharajalela. Amber Chia, the model, frequents this place. We didnt see her there that night. Cafe' Cafe' is a romantic place and it has good food. If you want escargot and foi de gras, go there. I don't fancy snails so I had dory instead. The other fish dish is the salmon fillet. I did sample the lamb shank (good) and the sea food spaghetti (spicy). The ambience did remind me of French restaurants in Cannes and in Paris. Wish they gave me real napkins though (like the pictures in their webpages , instead of paper napkins.