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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
I thank all those who commented on the last post even though all of you (who commented) are under 50. I was hoping to perk up some interest among the Senior Citizens because I do have some good news for them after I met my new friend Dr. W.H.
As pointed out by Derumo in his comments on the last post, MEN NO PAUSE. To some extent, this is true. Only in most cases, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Most would think that sex to old people is confined to one place - up in the head. But only if the head is not nyanyok (senile). Before Derumo go to Jalan Bukit Ubi and celebrate with 2 helpings of Hassan's famous roti chanai, let me remind you that there is such a thing as a Male Menopause. A recent medical talk in KL called it andropause. It is also called viropause. Whatever it is called, it is not a Pause That Refreshes like Coca Cola. Male Menopause (or whatever you want to call it) involves hormonal, physiological, and chemical changes happening in men between 45 to 50. Sometimes it happens to men as young as 35. It is a physical condition with psychological, interpersonal, social and spiritual dimensions. Now I see Derumo getting a bit worried. Fear not my friend.
Some say that Male Menopause is a sign that you are at the end of the First Adulthood and at the beginning of the 2nd Adulthood. I didn't even know that I had the first one. I grew old but never grow up. Ok, ok, I will be serious.
What do you do in the 2nd Adulthood? Heres what they say about what you can do after Male Menopause:

(1) Prepare for Second-Adulthood.

(2) Move from the pressure of sexual performance to the joy of sexual fulfillment.

(3) Focus more on being and less on doing.

(4) Change from having a career based on necessity to a calling based on soul-work.

(5) Relate to other men as friends and allies rather than as competitors.

(6) Lay the foundation for becoming healthy, wealthy, and wise.

(7) Become a mentor to younger men.

(8) Learn to be a respected elder in your community.

(9) End the battle of the sexes and find the intimacy, joy, and passion with your life-partner.

(10) Be a trailblazer for experiencing a life well-lived into your 70s, 80s, 90s, and beyond.

As you can see above, sex is not discounted after Male Menopause. You never get discounts on sex anyway because you shouldn't buy sex. Of course, you can't expect an old jalopy to burn the tracks like a brand new hotrod. But you are expected to complete your journey and enjoy the ride. How? Nope, I am not advocating Viagra or Cialis. No doubt both are uplifting medicines, albeit temporary measures, So how? Dont ask me how, tell me when. I will let Dr.W.H. tell you. Only if there is enough quorum (say about 20 people?) You are encouraged to bring your wife so that you can forever stop telling people "It is ok to be a grandfather but not sleeping with a grandmother."