Di Bawoh Rang Ikang Kering
Random Ramblings of A Retired Retainer


Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Yesterday I had lunch at Aseana KLCC. The menu there has changed since I was there last although I still could get keropok lekor. Awang, who travelled from Kota Bharu for this lunch meeting phoned to say that he would be late. He couldn't take his shower because there was no water at the place that he was staying in. HT, who arrived on time told me that one could shower in the pay toilet at KLCC. Since I already showered and shaved, I filed that information quietly in my head.
By the time Awang arrived, I already finished my iced lemon tea and ordered a nescafe tarik. By the time the lunch meeting was over, I had this sudden urge to go to the "small river." Since I was on the Ground Floor, I looked for the nearest washroom there. I found one after a short hop skip and jump. A big sign greeted me. I was informed that I have to pay to use this toilet and to have the exact change ready. If I do not agree to pay 2 ringgit to spend a penny, I am at liberty to look for "free" toilets located at other levels. I had the choice of forking out 2 ringgit or walk on and soil my pants. I am not using adult pampers yet. The last time I was in a pay toilet, I had to pay 20 sen. But then, this is no Bandaraya toilet.
So I walked in, paid the lady at the desk 2 ringgit. She gave me a ticket and a sachet of wet paper towel nicely packed in blue foil. The ticket was my AP - my approved permit to use the place. The place was well-patronised and very clean. Reminds me of washrooms in hotels. I didn't see the shower stalls though.
Relieved, I began to ask myself questions. Did I begrudge the 2 ringgit? In my younger days, I used to tip the attendant at hotel washrooms the same amount. Amcorp Mall charged me 2 ringgit for parking. I figured that 2 ringgit is fair for saving me from untold horrors of public toilets. What is your thought on the fee for a pee?