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Thursday, July 07, 2005
I was toying with a few subjects to write on but decided against all of them. Drat, I would have to do Elida's meme and tell the world what books I read.
While recollecting all the books that I read, I checked Today In History in case there is something worth rambling about. Chrysler Plymouth was introduced to the American public this day many many years ago. Ho hum. Another event was Reagan appointed some Supreme Court judge. Also ho hum.
Maybe another event that happened on July 7th years ago might interest you. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who gave us the Sherlock Holmes stories died on July 7th 1930. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote that Dr. Watson, Sherlock's sidekick was born on July 7th too. Sherlock Holmes' extraordinary deductive prowess was modelled after Dr. Joseph Bell who was Doyle's teacher. Nothing was said about who was the inspiration behind the character of Dr.Watson and why Sherlock Holmes needed a sidekick. Mickey Spillane did not have any, neither did Phillip Marlowe, the sleuth created by Raymond Chandler. Even the latest Terengganu-born Private Dick, Mat Sprong, went about his business alone. Only Lone Ranger has his Tonto and Batman had his Robin. Any mention of Robin in the latest Batman movie?
While waiting for some literary researchers to come up with plausible theories I can only contribute a few (implausible theories) of my own:
1. Holmes is sickly (just look at his pictures) and he needs a doctor close by.
2. Holmes is gay.
3. Holmes won't be able to show off his intelligence without Dr.Watson around. He can't very well say "Elementary Mrs. Malaprop (his housekeeper)" or "Elementary Dr. Moriarty" could he?

Without Dr. Watson, there would not be this story:
Holmes and Dr.Watson were out camping one evening.
In the middle of the night, Holmes woke Dr. Watson up.
"Watson! Look at the sky!"
"Aaaahhh Sherlock! Looking at the night sky and the stars, we feel humbled. We feel that we are just a speck of dust in this vast universe..."
"Watson you blithering idiot! The fact escaped you again!"
"What fact?"
"Somebody stole our tent!"