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Friday, July 15, 2005
As I was driving up the steep Bukt Kerinchi road yesterday, I saw a black WAJA with an OIC commemorative plate in front of me. Nothing unusual about that. Only this Waja had the metal marque on the back modified. Instead of WAJA, it had JAWA. Fine and clever, I thought. The owner of the car took the trouble to make a statement. I immediately thought of my father's music kaki, Mohd Nor Jidong. A long long time ago this man got hold of the Morris Minor chromed lettering, hacksawed the "Morris" and half of "I" and got M.NOR in gleaming chrome to paste on his motor cycle.
As a fan of Scrabble and the pda game "Text Twister", I began to think of words that you can make out of rearranged automobile marques. You just need some imagination and if you really want to use it for your car, you need a hacksaw and some metal glue too. While waiting for people to come into our irc room, I thought up these:

O FOR A MALE (desperate owner)
AF AMORE (a die -hard fan of Akademi Fantasia)
MORE FOAL (a stud farm owner)
MORE LOAF ( a baker)
NICE ROTI (another baker)
CINTER ( a jiwang-jiwang owner)
LOVE TECH (can be a geek or a geek lover)
VOLT HERO (a battery dealer or someone working for TNB)
VOTE CHEER (beer supplier for delegates)
COR THE VET ( a Cockney animal doctor)
STUDAN (a student who has yet learned to spell)
I WARAS (no road rage for this owner)
A WARIS (inherited car)
IS RAWA ( member of the clan)
WA SIAR ( a broadcaster)
M RECEDES (bemoaning his depleting cash or receding hairline)
NAPER DA (admonishing bad drivers)
AN APE (admonishing a really bad driver)
NAU LATER (an undecided person)
TAU LER (response on comments that he is undecided)
ER NUT LA (pasted on the left for people overtaking on the wrong side)
JAP ROE (fan of the Japanese pregnant fish)
Y TATOO (not a tattoo person)
TA TOYO (saying goodbye to an MB when everything is OK)
WAK SEGAN (this is a classic)

I am sure you can do better. C'mon, get cracking and have a nice weekend.

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Image of Waja from http://www.jyanet.com/cap/2000/1117ob0.shtml