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Friday, July 08, 2005
I got tired of waiting for Yahoo to reopen user-created chatrooms and decided to create a room on IRC.
Come and join other bloggers in our new home. If you are using Firefox, click on Tools and check if you have Chatzilla installed. If it is not installed, go download the extension. Go to this page. If you haven't got Firefox in the first place, go download the latest version (1.0.4) here.
When you find Chatzilla under your "Tools", you just type irc://moznet/Bloggers/ on your Firefox
and your Chatzilla will load and bring you to the room. If you need more information on Chatzilla, go here
If you already have Chatzilla but needs the User Guide, go here.
If you are reluctant or cannot install Firefox, you can join the room using any IRC chat client such as mIRC, PIRCH or IRCLE (for Mac users.) The network is moznet but you type
irc.mozilla.org: 6667
as the server on your mIRC, PIRCH or IRCLE. The room is #Bloggers and it is already registered. You have to register your nick though. Choose a nick and get your password ready. Once you are on moznet you register your nick by typing
/nickserv register password email
with password being the password that you have chosen and the email being a valid email of your choice. Both, of course, will not be displayed. Registering a nick prevents other people from using it. You will lose the nick if you dont log in on moznet for 21 consecutive days. The room, on the other hand, will disappear if nobody uses it for 14 consecutive days.
See you in our new room.