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Monday, August 01, 2005
Last week there were a few blogs as well as letters to the editor lamenting the brazenness of Malaysian drivers/road users in breaking the law. I feel the anger and disappointment of these bloggers and writers. I see road users flouting traffic rules every day. I was even honked a few days ago because I stopped for the red light. I showed the impatient driver the red light. I used my middle finger.
Are we becoming a nation of lawless people? Why do people break the rules so effortlessly and so often? Don't their mother teach them to respect and obey the law? Do they have a mother to begin with?
I guess one of the many reasons people break the law so easily is because they can get away easily. Real life is very different from Shell Traffic games that we went to many many years ago. There is no traffic policeman at every traffic light. Nowadays, there are far too many traffic lights and too few policemen. Many years ago, they installed cameras to catch those beating traffic lights but the flashes died down. I was told that some of the cameras had no films.
I would like you to ponder a bit even on this Monday morning, do you obey the law just because there are lawmen around? Do you stop for a red light at 3 am in the morning?
The best thing to prevent you from breaking the law - whatever law it is, be it religious, the Penal Code or the Traffic Ordinance- is your own conscience. You must have one. You also must know what is wrong and what is right. I guess, some people are a bit fuzzy on this.
Maybe the other reason is money. People have money and they think they can break the law. When they get caught, they feel that money absolve their sin or they can hire lawyers to get them off the hook. So, is money the root of all evils and traffic offenses?
I hate to be so serious on a Monday, so I better shut up.