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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Cik Kieli, one of our chat room regulars, has lived in many cities all over the globe. She is having problems in her present city. She told me she can't open her doors in the evening because of the racket raised by insects, specifically cicadas.
I told her that cicadas make a lot of noise because they want to mate. She was not happy. The cicadas, she thought, should not tell the whole world that they want to mate. Actually Keili, they do not. They do not care about the world. The noise comes from the male cicadas and they just need to communicate with any female cicadas. Voted least likely to need a megaphone. The male cicada makes the loudest sound in the insect world. By vibrating the ribbed plates in a pair of amplifying cavities at the base of the abdomen, the mating sound of the cicada can be heard as far as 440 yards (or in Kieli's case, 5 floors up.) These insect noisemakers are always hamsap and rarely ever stop calling for a mate. The noise from large groups of cicadas can often drown out even the noisiest lawnmower. I wonder if the mat rempits revving up their motorbikes at 2 in the morning are communicating to their mates too. I curse at these inconsiderate bikers but Cik Kieli, you should not curse at the cicadas.
They want to date and they do not have handphones. They cannot take their mate for dinner and dance. I am sure, liberal as we are, cineplexes would not welcome cicadas, so movies are out for them.
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