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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Tired as I was, I was glad to catch up with M.Rajoli during the event.

I am giving a virtual hug to everyone who worried about me. I am alright. I have a bad cough though. My friends assured me that coughes are not usually fatal although one guy died because of a cough. He coughed in the closet that he was hiding in and one irate husband shot him.
I took a forced break from blogging because I accepted an Event Management job on a very short notice. In my Event Management classes, I warned my students not to take such jobs because the chances of bungling them are very great. I took this particular job to help a friend keep his job. As with all rush jobs (even without film stars and other prima donnas involved like this one), we had to work extra hours which left no time at all for blogging and most anything else. My student-helpers practically camped at my house, sometimes sleeping in a vertical position. Even now, I am still completing one part of the job. I am taking a break from tweaking web pages so some of you will not pout anymore.
To make matters worse, the left lense of my glasses fell off while I was teaching. One of my students drove me to an optician to get a temporary pair of glasses. It took 2 weeks to get my multifocals back. My optician (in Penang) had to "special order" the lens. During that time, I was not able to read the numbers off my phone, let alone the pc screen. Then my old Pentium 3 PC died on me.
I am pleased to let you know that the event was a success thanks to my students and my family. The same cannot be said for the Bloggers Omnibus Project. So far only 3 people responded. Probably the Project needs to be reappraised. What says you SK?