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Monday, October 10, 2005
Everything goes slow during the fasting month so forgive me if this post seems a bit dated.
I wish to introduce a new reader of this blog, Arthur Avalon (no relations, I am sure, to Frankie Avalon.) Arthur wrote about Kuala Brang, a place that I still remember with fond memories. He asked me when was I in Kuala Brang.
Kuala Brang was my first posting as a secondary school teacher. I was there from 1965 until I left at the end of 1971 to join RTM. I vaguely remember the Bosnian (?) doctor. In fact, a Bosnian doctor delivered a few of my daughters. It was in Kg.Raja Hospital though, not in Kuala Brang. I knew a dentist in Kuala Brang. He was a Malay gentleman from Singapore. We shared a passion for hi-fi. We even swapped some audio equipment. The good doctor was the first to do scaling on my teeth. No ultrasonics then. He removed tartar and plaque from my teeth using manual tools. It took him two sessions. I joked with him that he should be careful because it was the plaque that held my teeth together.
Bergen (no homepage supplied) commented that he (or she) is learning how to write by reading my blog. I am not sure this is wise. I did not learn how to write. I do not know how my children (those who blog and one that does not) learned how to write the way they do but they all write well and I am proud of every single one of them. The only member of my family (so far) who learned how to write is my fourth daughter. She took Creative Writing in Ann Arbor and it showed in her blog. Go read her pieces and be a better writer. You can't possibly learn anything from me. I am being realistic, not modest. And if you want to learn from a pro, I would strongly suggest that you visit Kecek Kecek or Jalan-Jalan. Now, there is a writer that you should emulate.
By no means I am belittling the rest of the bloggers. They are good too. If they can make you laugh or cry (sometimes both at the same time), they are pretty good. Otherwise you would not want to read them, would you? Of course, like all things, there are good writers and there are better ones. Like many things, it all boils down to individual taste. Like they say in Hong Kong, one man's meat is another man's python.