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Thursday, October 13, 2005
Lest I lose sight of the original character of this blog (if it had one), let us go back to to the subject of Terengganuspeak.
For a few days now I have been pondering the exact meaning of pele-pele.
Pele-Pele (rhymes with kepala or ubi setela) would have its Bahasa equivalent in alang-alang. So the peribahasa
Alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan
if translated (rather carelessly) into Terengganuspeak would be
Pele-pele seluk belara, bia sapa sikku.
Let us not delve (or seluk) into the whys and wherefor of the lack of ladles or spoons of suitable size to scrape the bottom of the barrel (or tempayan, as in this case). Let us be content to learn from this wise old saying that we should not do anything half-heartedly. Do not be "hot hot chicken shit". In modern corporate lingo, total commitment is demanded. Commitment is not mere involvement as our management lecturers are wont to remind us. In a (non-halal) breakfast of bacon and eggs, the pig is committed whereas the chicken is merely involved. But I am digressing, sorry.
I am sure you have heard of, or used
"As long as you are up, get me a cold drink."
Pele-Pele can be used in this situation although it would be more appropriate if the sentence were
"Since you are already up, get me a cold drink."
Fear not if you have no inkling whatsoever of what I am trying to say. Derumo, as usual will enlighten you in his inimitable fashion.
Pele-Pele is an afterthought. It is a word that one would associate with the phrase "in for a penny, in for a pound." Since you are already there, past the point of no return, might as well finish the job completely. The word that can get you into trouble of the first degree is perchong. Perchong rhymes with mercun in Terengganuspeak as does mengachong (inciting). Perchong means purposely or deliberately. Lighting up a firecracker (ngechong) or inciting someone (mengachong) to blow up takes a sense of purpose and prior planning. In both cases, you cannot use "tak sengaja" in mitigation. Perchong has a synonym - sengeleng. Again, I am counting on Derumo to supply the illustrations.
(This post was done without the assistance of tobacco. No cilias were harmed.)